Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company


  1929 ICC Valuation Testimony






    1914 ICC Accounting Investigation: Ernest Ritson Dewsnup, "Recent Financial Investigations by the Interstate Commerce Commission,"  Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 63, National Industries and the Federal Government (Jan., 1916), pp. 199-213








    Record of PCE Construction, Complete Record, 1915 Valuation Study

  Breakdown by Section:

  Valuation Sections 1a-1c
  Moreau Branch
  Cheyenne Branch
  Valuation Sections North Dakota, PCE Mainline
  New England Branch, Valuation Sections North Dakota 3 and SD 4
  Montana Valuation Section 1, State line to Harlowton
  Montana Valuation Section 2, Harlowton to Lombard
  Montana Valuation Section 3, Lombard to Butte
  Montana Valuation Section 4, Butte to St. Paul Pass
  Montana Valuation Section 5, Harlowton to Lewistown
  Montana Valuation Section 6, Grass Range Line
  Montana Valuation Section 7, Roy Line
  Montana Valuation Section 8, Lewistown to Great Falls
  Montana Valuation Section 9, Great Falls to Agawam
  Montana Valuation Section 10, Ringling to Dorsey
  Idaho Valuation Section 1, Idaho Mainline
  Idaho Valuation Section 2, Plummer Jct to Manito Jct
  Idaho Valuation Section 3, St. Maries to Elk River Branch
  Idaho Valuation Section 4, Coeur d'Alene Branch
  Idaho Valuation Section 5, Pend 'Oreille Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 1, Idaho State Line to Maple Valley
  Washington Valuation Sections 4, 5, 5a, Maple Valley to Seattle
  Washington Valuation Section 7, Marcellus Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 7A, Moses Lake Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 8, Hanford Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 9, Everett Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 10, Enumclaw Branch
  Washington Valuation Section 11, Grays Harbor Branch

  Construction Record, Big Blackfoot Railway
  Construction Record, Gallatin Valley Railway
  Construction Record, Puget Sound & Willapa Harbor Railway
  Construction Record, Milwaukee Terminal Railway
  Construction Record, Bellingham & Northern Railway
  Construction Record, Seattle, Port Angeles & Western Railway
  Construction Record, Tacoma Eastern Railway

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GN Route Profile


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Milwaukee Road Track

Beverly Investment Company
White Bluffs
Great Falls Western Railway
Milwaukee Hospital Association
Corporate Minutes
Republic Coal
Milwaukee Land
 Port Townsend Ry Aquisition


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Golden Grain Train

Judith River Bridge Construction

Kelly Creek Trestle Traveler Crane

Kelly Creek

The "Great Loop"

Proposed Bryson-Adair Tunnel

Temporary Bridge, later filled, the "Great Loop"

1887 Route Map