Milwaukee Road 1977 Bankruptcy

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  Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company  

  Index to "Media Monitor," Milwaukee Road's Informational Newsletter
 about the status of the Milwaukee Reorganization and the Rail Industry in general, 1982-1983
[Milt Clark Collection]
  Index to "First Monday Third Monday Newsletters" [Milt Clark Collection]  
  Index to Northern Division Newsletters [Milt Clark Collection]  
  Index to Southern Division Newsletters [Michael Sol Collection]  

1977 Receivership Proceeding

CMC v. United States (1997)

Federal Register, "Notice of Application for Deregistration of Milwaukee Land Company," Fed Reg 62:241, December 16, 1997

Unit Trainship Co. v. Soo Line (1990) 905.F2d.160

Washington State DOT, Map, Rail System, Abandonments

In the Matter of Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company, Debtor, appeal of Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc., re: fees. 841 F.2d 789

Chicago Tribune, "Chicago Milwaukee Corporation's Milwaukee Land Unit Sold," January 7, 1989. Chicago Milwaukee Corp.`s Milwaukee Land Co. unit sold about 31,500 acres of timberland in Washington state to John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co. for $23.8 million.

Court of Appeals Decision, Soo Line Sale, August 20, 1986

In the Matter of CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, Debtor. Appeals of CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, Chicago Milwaukee Corporation, and Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Bond and Debenture Holders Protective Committee, (1986) 791 F2d 524. 

In the Matter of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific, Grand Trunk (1985) 756 F.2d 508

Publication of Last First Monday/Third Monday Newsletter, March 18, 1985

Ellen Curtis, "Quality Control Circles in Transportation: The Milwaukee Road Experience," Transportation Journal, Spring, 1984

"How the Milwaukee Road Was Saved," The World Magazine, February, 1984

In re CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, Debtor. Consolidated joint appeals of: CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, as Debtor, and Chicago Milwaukee Corporation, as Shareholder. 2/16/1983. 


The Milwaukee Road and Rock Island Amendments, November, 1981

William J. Quinn v. Burlington Northern (1981) 664 F.2d 675

In re the Matter of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad, Appeal of Montana Department of Agriculture, 641 F2d 482 (1981).


"BN Reopens Milwaukee Tracks," Burlington Northern News, December, 1980

Blair Koostra, "How the Milwaukee Road Packed Up and Went Home from the West," Trains Magazine, September, 1980 [copyright material, password protected]

ICC Order Authorizing UP and BN Sales, August 21, 1980

Anti-Trust Complaint, State of Montana vs. Burlington Northern, May 1, 1980.

S.O.R.E. Meeting Notes, March 26, 1980

ICC Opinion, Plans of Reorganization, March 19, 1980

William Plattenberger, Talk, June 23, 2007, MRHS

Prospectus for Montana Pacific Railroad, March, 1980

Importance of UTU Wage Agreement, 1980-1981, W.L. Smith Comments

NBC News Broadcast, March 23, 1980, Shutdown in Harlowton, Montana

S.O.R.E. Newsletter, February 5, 1980

In the Matter of CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY, Debtor, Consolidated Appeals of: Continental Illinois National Bank and Trust Company of Chicago, as indenture trustee; Harris Trust and Savings Bank, as indenture trustee; The First National Bank of Chicago, as indenture trustee; and Girard Bank, as indenture trustee, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company, as debtor, and Chicago Milwaukee Corporation, as shareholder, Stanley E. G. Hillman, as trustee. January 2, 1980, 611 F.2d 662 

ICC Opinion on NewMil, December 31, 1979


Seattle PI Shelby Scates Column on Washington Governor Dixy Lee Ray, December 11, 1979

  New Milwaukee Lines Reorganization Plan, December 1, 1979

Port of Tacoma article 11/25/79

Notes on Washington Governor Dixy Lee Ray

S.O.R.E. Newsletter, November 14, 1979

Milwaukee Railroad Restructuring Act, November 4, 1979

Senator George McGovern's Recollections of the Trustee and Lines West

Senate Hearings on the Milwaukee Railroad Restructuring Act, October 29, 1979

Notice of Layoffs to Employees October 31, 1979

President W.L. Smith Letter to Employees re: Embargo October 27, 1979

S.O.R.E. Newsletter, September 27, 1979

Milwaukee Road Opposition to the Frisco Merger (Opening ICC Brief)

Representative Pat Williams Letter to Sec./Transportation Goldschmidt, September 12, 1979

Testimony, Helen Kamm, Acting Deputy Secretary of Transportation, September 7, 1979

Senate Hearings, "Milwaukee Railroad Financial Crisis," September 7, 1979

Draft Environmental Impact Statement, August, 1979

Pomeroy & Associates Appraisal -- Net Liquidation Value of Lines West

Trustee Richard Ogilvie Testimony, August 30, 1979

VP Operations, Paul Cruikshank Testimony, August 30, 1979

Asst VP Planning, Thomas Power Testimony, August 30, 1979

VP Finance, R.V. Nugent Testimony, August 30, 1979

VP Marketing, Glenn Reynolds Testimony, August, 1979

Milwaukee Road ICC Application to Abandon PCE, August 1979

US Department of Transportation, "Lines West Studies," July 31, 1979 [Milt Clark Collection]

  1. Letter of transmittal and Department policy from the Acting Secretary of Transportation, and attachment
  2. FRA staff paper: A Review of Booz-Allen & Hamilton's "Milwaukee Road Strategic Planning Studies"
  3. Executive Summary of Reebie Associates' report, Traffic Effects Study: The Viability of the Western Lines of the Milwaukee Road
  4. Study by The Consulting Center, Inc., USA: Assessment of the Financial Self-sustainability of the SORE Lines West Proposal ----
  5. Study by Mark Battle Associates, Inc.: Financial Analysis of the Impact on Labor and Labor Protection of the SORE Lines West Proposal

DOT, Consulting Center Assessment: S.O.R.E. Proposal, July, 1979

"Milwaukee Road's Freight Carrying Capacity," House of Representatives Hearings, July 23, 1979

DOT Traffic Effects Study, Reebie & Associates, July 1979

Testimony of Robert Gallamore, Federal Railroad Administration, May 21, 1979

U.S. Senate Oversight Hearings -- Discussion of S.O.R.E., May 21, 1979

Stanley Hillman Teletype Memo to Employees May 14, 1979

U.S. House of Representatives Hearings, "Reorganization of the Milwaukee Road," May 9, 1979.

Milwaukee Road Strategic Planning Studies, Booz-Allen-Hamilton Consulting Study, May 2, 1979

       Volume 1: Overview

       Volume 2: Analysis

       Volume 3: Confidential Appendix and Traffic Study 

Kendall Gustafson's Company Teletype Rebellion, May 3, 1979

Harry Williamson Lines West Rehabilitation Report, 1979

Congressional Record, Effects on Coal Transportation, April 25, 1979

Rick Applegate Letter to Gordon Rogers, March 1, 1979

Rick Applegate Letter to Wallace Abbey, February 22, 1979

Director, Corporate Communications, Wallace Abbey Letter to Rick Applegate, February 16, 1979

Publication of First Monday/Third Monday Newsletter begins, January 2, 1979

Milwaukee Lines West Lines Attorney, Yale Lewis

S.O.R.E. Supplemental Affidavit of Fred Simpson

S.O.R.E. Reply Brief, Motion to be Heard

S.O.R.E. Reply Brief, Intervention

S.O.R.E Affidavit of Fred Simpson

S.O.R.E. Memorandum in Support

Save Our Railroad Employment Association (S.O.R.E.) Motion to Intervene


Allen Miller's Christmas Eve Company Teletype Poem, 12/24/78

Milwaukee Road Muzzles Workers, 10/13/78

Senate Hearings on Railcar Shortages and Rate Flexibility, July 12, 1978

Letter, Carroll to Keller, May 30,1978, District Manager of Sales, re: loss of traffic due to equipment shortage

Judge McMillen's Recollections re: S. Hillman and R. Ogilvie Appointments

Observations regarding Stanley Hillman

Bozeman Daily Chronicle, "Farewell to a Railroad," April 23, 1978

Statement of Stanly E.G. Hillman regarding the Milwaukee Road, March 31, 1978

"Milwaukee Should Remain as a Viable Railroad," Michael Sol, Missoulian, February 27, 1978

Senate Hearings, "Milwaukee Road Bankruptcy," January 5, 1978


Morton Weinress v. CMC, 565 F.2d 416 (1977), October 11, 1977