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Electrification, 1909-1949                 
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Removing trolley wireTrolley removal crew

Chehalis Scrap Yard

A Proud Era Passes 


As Delivered, Deer Lodge, Montana 1950

Electrification Advertising

Robert Lynn, "Death by Electrocution? The Chicago, Milwaukee, Saint Paul and Pacific Railroad's Choice of Electrical Motors over Steam Engines in Montana, 1914-1974," Master's Thesis, University of Montana, 2004.  

Electrification Termination File

Coast Division Transmission Line Sale

Electrification Salvage Reports, 1974-1977

Northwest Rail Group Outside Study, 1975

U.S. House Resolution 1178, to delay termination

"Milwaukee Shouldn't Dump Electrics," Missoulian, April 18, 1974

Representative Shoup Correspondence

Don Sims, "The Terminal at Avery," Model Railroader, 1973.

Montana Transmission Line Deed, Milwaukee Road to Montana Power Company, July 15, 1974

Mp3 Recording of Load Dispatcher at Drexel

Mp4 Recording of Motor Generator start-up at Drexel, Load Dispatcher Rusty Landers at Deer Lodge, Gene Lyle at Drexel, and Bob Williams at East Portal, MG Startup near the end of the recording.

Final Termination Date Set, Announcement, May 23, 1974

Sale of Montana Transmission Line, 040174, MPC Letter

Bad Day at East Portal, March, 1974 (slide show)

Senator Warren Magnuson, Letter to G. Rogers, January 18, 1974, "Unlikely that Milwaukee Road could qualify for any allocation of fuel oil to replace electrical operation ..."

Letter, William J. Quinn to Senator Warren Magnuson re: termination, November 11, 1973

Lynn Schwanke, "Farewell, Little Joes," Missoulian, October 21, 1973

W.L. Smith Announcement, October 16, 1973

"A Proud Era Passes" -- Supplement to Milwaukee Road Magazine

Termination Announcement Electrification Fact Sheet

Termination Announcement, February 20, 1973

Tom Power Analysis of System, January, 1973

Del Burke to Drinka Letter December 16, 1972, re 6000 ton trains

Summary Cost Comparison, Electrification vs. Dieselization, December 6, 1972

Summary of DOT Electrification Study, December 6, 1972

Summary Cost Comparison, Cash Flows, Electrification vs. Dieselization, December 6, 1972 (includes BN Coordination costs)

Wall Street Journal, "Energy and America, November 30, 1972 (clipping from Curtis Crippen to Kellow)

Chicago Tribune, "Energy Crisis: It'll Get Worse," November 19, 1972 (clipping from Curtis Crippen to Kellow)

Don Wylie to Kellow Letter, August 1, 1972, change fuel cost increase assumption

Don Wylie to Kellow Letter, June 6, 1972, Locomotive Reassessment

Engine Pool Analysis, 1972

Summary Cost Comparison, Electrification vs. Dieselization, May 5, 1972

Upton Response to 1972 GE Study (2)

Upton Response to 1972 GE Study (1) 

GE 1972 Econometric Study (Analysis)

GE Econometric Study (Excel)

Locomotive Costs per 1000 hp/mile, 1972 Study

September, 1972 EMD/ASEA Correspondence

Locomotive Correspondence, September, 1972

Carolyn Rinehart, "The Tunnel Keepers of East Portal", Missoulian, February 4, 1972, p. 11.

Decision Tree Probability Analysis, January, 1972

Legal Department Effort to Obtain Funding, 1971

Montana Power Co., Puget Sound Power & Light, Washington Water Power Co., Joint Milwaukee Electrification Study Update, 1971

Don Wylie's Recommendations re: GE Study

General Electric Co., Milwaukee Road Electrification Study and Recommendations, March, 1970

GE 5400 hp Electric Locomotive Specification, November, 1969

Montana Power Co., Puget Sound Power & Light, Washington Water Power Co., Joint Milwaukee Electrification Study, 1969

Company Review of L.W. Wylie Study, 1968
   --Kellow Comparison Exhibit - Diesel, Electric, Mixed -- Exhibit III 

T.B. Kirk Summary of Electrification Studies, 1969

"A Study of Various Methods of Operation on Electrified Sections, Rocky Mtn & Coast Divisions," H.R. Morgan, May 31, 1963

H.R. Morgan 1963 Study Notes

Gordon W. Rogers, "Where Electrification First Made Good," Trains, July, 1963. BA&P.

H.R. Morgan, "Report of Diesel Booster Test with EF-5," October 31, 1960.

L.W. Wylie, "Improvements in the Design, Maintenance and Operation of the Milwaukee Road Electrification", AIEE Conference Paper, 1956

Electric-Drive Rotary Snowplow, X-900212, Description and Operating Instructions, January 26, 1955.

Don Sims, "Copper Hauler," Railroad Magazine, March, 1954

"New Life for the Juice Jacks," Trains & Travel, March, 1952

Summary of Electrification Accidents, 1915-1950

Class EP-1 Locomotive -- re-geared Passenger Boxcab Electrics

Notes on Substation Operation, 1950

Michael Bezilla, "Steam Railroad Electrification in America, 1920-1950, The Unrealized Potential," The Public Historian, 4:1, Winter, 1982.