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  Electrification dept. Letterbooks  
LetterBooks  -- Dave Sprau Collection

These files belong to Dave Sprau and are closed to the public. Permission to access the files may be granted by Dave Sprau. Please email the Webmaster for details. Webmaster

When the Milwaukee folded up back in March 1980, the communications department was one of the last ones to get the word.  Their daily work sheets sent to R E Stuckey in Chgo show that Line Foreman John A Priske and his crew were still out digging holes, setting poles, stringing wire, cutting brush and so forth for several weeks after 3/15/80.  Well anyway sometime early that year they were told to take their truck and go to the Union Station Seattle and clean out all the old Milwaukee electrification dept files up in some attic room. That is the where the Goodnow and Electrification department Letterbooks had been stored, undisturbed, for nearly 60 years. Dave Sprau was given these files by Foreman John Priske who was in the process of disposing of old unwanted material at the time the Milwaukee's combined signal and communications department disbanded in 1980.