Albert Earling
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Company

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Hill Letterbook Collection, James J. Hill Archives

Series P, 1874, 1877-1916

1897, June 26, "Dear Mr. Morgan, I received your letter on this date saying that Mr. Earling cannot accept the position as president of the Northern Pacific Railway." p. 201.

1897, July 2. "Dear Mr. Earling, I told Mr. Morgan I hardly considered it possible for you to leave your present place." p. 208.

1898, March 12. To D.S. Lamont, VP, NP Ry. "I know Sir William Van Horne very well, and I know he is very crafty and will handle the matter in any way that will secure his point, regardless of any representation that it may be necessary to make." p. 283.

1898, August 4, Letter to Gaspard Farrar, London Engineer. The GN long haul is 221 miles, the Canadian Pacific has 376 miles.

1989 May 14, to A.L. Mohler, President, OR&N. "I had a very satisfactory interview with Mr. Schiff, who practically represents the Union Pacific."

1898, July 17. To D.S. Lamont. "Mr Adams has made a mess of everything he has ever undertaken and has forfeited the goodwill and confidence of every man he has ever been associated with so far as I have ever heard. ... I went to Chicago to meet Harriman to try and avoid a crisis between that company and the Northern Pacific."

Dismissed the South Dakota case except the Milwaukee & St. Paul -- Hill did not understand why -- the Milwaukee mileage in SD for rate making purposes valued at $10,000 per mile. Milwaukee took an appeal.  ND case, NP admits to $28,000 per mile. If his (Judge Cashings) decision stands, the Milwaukee and St. Paul investment in SD is practically wiped out.

1898 September 26. Hill to Marcus Daly. Showing Daly a proposed dam at Coulter's Falls below the town of Great Falls: "We have under consideration a plan for using from twenty to thirty thousand horsepower on electric locomotives which, if successful, will enable us to use electricity between Havre and Clancy including the line between Belt and Neihart.

"If our plan works out as well as it promises and electric locomotives can be used on railways, it will give an enormous impetus to the use of copper for transmission.

Proposes selling cheap power to Daly. P. 433.

1898, October 26. Hill to F.H. Finney. "Mr. Stevens is a first rate location engineer. He is also a good man in construction. If I had to criticize him, I would say he has been too ambitious to be a contractor." p. 439