Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company


The Milwaukee & st. Paul  Railway Company


Biography of Alexander Mitchell

Milwaukee's Richest Citizen
Doesn't want to be nominated for governor
LaCrosse & Milwaukee Fraud
Mitchell in Congress
Mitchell on European RRs
Mitchell on the Philadelphia Convention
Mitchell to Resign

The Potter Law, Proclamation and Address by the Governor, and Attorney General's Opinion, May 1, 1874

Bankers Association
President of Bankers Association
Mitchell's House
Social Scandal
Wheat Speculation
Alexander Mitchell and Russell Sage
Russell Sage by Michael Sol
Mitchell Dies
Death of Alexander Mitchell
The Late Mr. Mitchell
Replacing Mitchell
Mitchell's Successor

Obituary of George Smith

Merrill on Tripartite Pact
Merrill has Stroke
Obituary of S.S.Merrill
Merrill's Estate Sues

Frank Bond Successor to Mitchell
Frank Bond Retires
Frank Bond Obituary

Chamberlin v. Railroad Co., Wisconsin, 1859 (LaCrossse RR foreclosure)